Hailing from the picturesque town of Media, PA, at 28, Ariana Voutsakis has become a rising star in the dynamic world of Los Angeles fashion. Her journey began with a pivotal moment in fourth grade, sparked by a book report on Coco Chanel, laying the foundation for a passion that would drive her through an illustrious education at Parsons School of Fashion Design in both New York City and Paris, where she graduated in 2018.

Ariana’s career has been a tapestry of diverse experiences, from her formative role at J. Valentine to impactful contributions at Ancient Greek Sandals, House Of Fluff, avant-garde collective threeASFOUR, and the rebellious spirit of Dolls Kills. Each step enriched her design philosophy, culminating in her current role at Lizzo’s inclusive brand, Yitty-Fabletics, where she continues to push the boundaries of fashion with her unique blend of creativity and technical prowess.

The embodiment of her creative vision is her own brand, EXO ALIEN, known for “360 DEGREE Haute Clubwear.” It mirrors Ariana’s vibrant passions for electronic dance music, fitness, and textile innovation. Her designs seamlessly merge athletic wear construction with the flair of rave culture and luxury craftsmanship, celebrating both body and soul. Sustainability and meticulous craftsmanship are central to her work, evident in her use of unconventional fabrics, hidden pockets, and anatomically informed seam work.

Expanding her horizons, Ariana has recently stepped into the ultra-competitive world of sports entertainment, serving as a fashion stylist for the NFL Network. Based in Inglewood, CA, she has become an on-set stylist for male and female sports commentators across various NFL TV programs. Her exceptional work throughout the football season earned her a prominent role during Super Bowl Week, culminating in her styling contributions at Allegiant Stadium during the thrilling Super Bowl 58 Overtime victory for The KC Chiefs.

Ariana’s journey from a curious child inspired by Coco Chanel to an innovative designer and stylist exemplifies her relentless pursuit of creativity and dedication to pushing fashion boundaries. Her versatility is showcased not only in high-end fashion but also in the sports entertainment industry, establishing her as a multifaceted force in today’s fashion landscape.

Born to Nick and Toula Voutsakis in Media, Ariana, along with her brothers Philip and Christos, grew up attending St. George and graduated from Penncrest High School. Inspired by frequent trips to Greece, she actively participated in Greek-related dance groups, with a particular fondness for performing with the Pontian Dance Group. Ariana’s roots in Media, her education in Paris, and her global influences converge in a narrative that underscores her adaptability and visionary impact on the fashion industry.