Philadelphia, PA – From Spanakopita to shish kebab, it really doesn’t matter. It just taste better at My Big Fat Greek Festival on Bustleton Ave. in Philadelphia. And why you ask? Well, it’s obvious, the parishioners do it with love. The members of this tiny Greek Orthodox church Evangelismos, just off the Roosevelt blvd. continue to crank out “the best” Greek food, hands down.

The immigrant and first generation community puts on two Greek food festivals a year. Each time, the hard working Greeks come out, smiling and with rolled up sleeves. While your eating, you can’t help but notice, everyones speaking Greek around you and under the big tent. Okay, they mix in a little English to make you feel at home, but this truly is an amazing community of immigrants, that give you exactly the same quality of Greek food they eat at home. If there’s anything more traditional than that, point me in that direction.