Philadelphia, PA – When Nicholas Iliadis entered Moorestown h.s. as a freshman, some students approached him one day and said “you should row crew”. He came home, discussed the idea briefly with his mother and joined. Two years later he has made the sport his passion. This past Friday he competed in the biggest h.s. rowing event in America, the Stotesbury Cup Regatta for Moorestown High School in New Jersey.

Iliadis competed in the 1500 meter four man Varsity rowing contest that takes place along the Schuylkill River annually. The two day affair attracts schools from all over the country and has been held continuously since 1927. When asked about how his team fared on his trial on Friday, Iliadis said they showed great promise and continue to improve. Assistant Varsity Boys Coach Emily Davis said “our boys went out and gave it their all. They’ve been working hard and they gave it their best. This line up has been together for only a short time, but I’m excited to see how they come together next season. “Three out of the four rowers will be back next season including Nick.

It may have been the final rowing competition for Moorestown h.s. for the season, but Iliadis has his sights set on this summer and the future. He will continue his efforts over the summer by attending the Princeton Rowing camp and has aspiration to row in college.

“When people ask me what I do, I say, I row crew. They think it’s the greatest thing ever, and so do I”, says Nick.

It all seems a natural match for a kid that grew up in a Greek-American community where the sport has gained little attention. For Nick, it has taught him lessons that can last a lifetime. Nick’s mother Kathy is certainly happy with what she’s seen so far. “Nick has fallen in love with the sport and I’m happy to see him be part of something that teaches him so much. Teamwork, physical endurance, pushing yourself, there’s so much involved with the sport. These are skills every parent wants their kids to have”.

Nicholas is also an active member of the St. Thomas Greek Orthodox GOYA. He participates in community service projects, Sights and Sounds and the annual Metropolitan Olympic Track meet. This makes Nick very rounded and is a natural part of who he is. “ It’s part of my life as well. These are my people . I make friends and have relationships that will last a lifetime”, says Nicholas.