Upper Darby, PA – The 1970’s saw a massive wave of immigrants from Greece to Philadelphia. Those Greeks began to go west, crossing the border into Upper Darby which became the new Greek town. It is estimated, that some 20,000 thousand Greeks entered the surrounding area, creating a hub for what began the expansion of Greeks going West.

If you were seeking help to bring family members to America, you probably know Carry Mossaidis of Apollo Tours. His efforts helped secure passage for thousands of those Greeks immigrants of that era.

Mossaides traveled the same path as a young man, settling in Philadelphia first and then Upper Darby. Throughout the years he’s been a presence in the community and a member of many organizations. A board member of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, AHEPA, The Pontian Akritai, and a boy scout leader with Troop 302, he has served actively and been witness to the history of Philadelphia’s Greek community.