St. George Cathedral in Philadelphia joyfully invites you to a luncheon dedicated to honoring the exemplary service and achievements of the Very Reverend Archimandrite Ambrose Bitziadis-Bowers. The celebration will take place immediately after the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, February 25, 2024, at the Cathedral Hall.

For the past decade, Father Ambrose has displayed remarkable dedication, guiding the Cathedral through various milestones. He oversaw the completion of an ambitious historic restoration, orchestrated the memorable 100th Anniversary celebrations, ensured the financial well-being of the Cathedral and its Senior Housing, and adeptly managed the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Revered as one of the most intellectual priests in America, Fr. Ambrose has consistently upheld the highest standards of faith, elevating the Cathedral to its present glory.

Beyond his pastoral duties, Father Ambrose is recognized as a world authority in the early church’s theology before the Orthodox-Catholic schism. His educational journey includes graduate studies at esteemed institutions such as the Harvard School of Business, the Princeton Theological Seminary, Seton Hall University, Monmouth University, and the University of Thessaloniki. In 2023, His All Holiness, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, bestowed upon Father Ambrose the distinction and rank of Archimandrite of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Patriarchal throne, assigning him the important task of building bridges with Roman Catholic universities. As an adjunct theology and religious studies professor, Fr. Ambrose is introducing Orthodoxy in Roman Catholic academia at the University of Villanova this semester.

Born in Thessaloniki and ordained in the Archdiocese of Athens-Greece in 1990, Father Ambrose arrived in the U.S. in 1995 at the invitation of His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos. He served as the Chief Secretary of the Holy Archdiocese and the Holy and Eparchial Synod in America. Before assuming the role of presiding priest at St. George Cathedral in 2014, Fr. Ambrose served congregations in St. George Asbury Park, NJ, St. George Clifton, NJ, and the Annunciation Norfolk, VA.

Fr. Ambrose is one of the longest-serving priests at St. George Cathedral, leaving a lasting legacy in the Greater Philadelphia area that extends far beyond the parishioners he faithfully served. The entire congregation expresses heartfelt gratitude for his unwavering service and leadership, extending best wishes for success in the upcoming chapters of his intellectual, spiritual, and clerical journey.


Luncheon to celebrate the Very Reverend Archimandrite Ambrose Bitziadis-Bowers
Sunday, February 25, 2024, following Devine Liturgy
St. George Cathedral, 256 S 8th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107