The Agora Institute at Eastern University, St. David’s PA. has initiated the Center for Orthodox Thought & Culture, an intellectual and spiritual home for Orthodox students that focuses on Eastern Orthodoxy’s broad, deep cultural and intellectual patrimony, especially that which springs from Greek, Arabic, and Slavonic traditions. Dr. Gary (Cyril) Jenkins, Ph.D., John H. Van Gorden Professor of History and Department Chair at Eastern University, is the Director of the Center.

Orthodox and Eastern Christians will find in the Center a learning environment that offers an education in the great books of Orthodox tradition in literature, theology, aesthetics, philosophy, etc. within the broader context of a Christ-centered education in the arts and sciences. Through its thorough integration of its own life and curriculum with the missions of its parent institutions, the Center offers a singularly unique option to Orthodox and Eastern Christians.

Collaborating with both The Agora Institute for Civic Virtue and the Common Good, and Eastern University and its existing departments and offices, the Center provides students a vibrant academic experience at an accredited institution with a strong Orthodox component.

The Center offers courses in Orthodox theology, history, culture, literature, etc. , including introductory courses that fulfill many general education requirements in Eastern’s core curriculum. Working closely with the Templeton Honors College, the Center enables eligible students to receive a Great Books education, complete a minor in Orthodox Thought and Culture, and finish the major or pre-professional program of their choice.

All interested parties should direct their email questions and inquiries to, or You can also reach the center via phone: 610-341-5966


  • Minor in Orthodox Thought & Culture
  • General Education courses in Old Testament, New Testament, and Theology taught by Orthodox faculty
  • Working with The Agora Institute in its Fellows Programs for further study and interaction with the best minds in the academy.
  • Orthodox community built around the Life of the Church and the Life of the Mind
  • Orthodox worship and spiritual retreat
  • Emphasis on Hellenic, Arabic and Slavic thought and culture
  • High Profile lectures, events, and trips
  • Academic, Artistic/ Iconographic & Musical Summer Programs
  • Seminars for the public on issues pertinent to Orthodox thought and life
  • Engaged in service to the Church and society, preparing students for lives of virtue and leadership

Beginning this Fall quarter, Eastern University is offering a course in Modern Greek Literature in Translation, which is part of the Minor in Orthodox Thought & Culture as well as meeting English department credit requirements. The course will be taught by Anastasia Alexander, MA in Comparative Literature, Greek [Classical, Biblical, and Modern], French & English, University of California, Riverside. Anastasia studied Biblical, Byzantine, and Classical Greek under Father Dr. Anastasios Bandis, who spent his later years after university retirement in Philadelphia.

The course will provide an overview of Modern Greek Literature in the 19th and 20th centuries beginning with the Greek War of Independence (1821).

The course will explore the texts’ distinctively Greek character; how they reflect Greek life, culture, religion, philosophy, and history, etc. , and seek to understand the place of Modern Greek Literature within the field of European and Oriental ( Asia Minor) literature, focusing on the common themes of the human condition.

This course is unique because unlike secular institutions we are free in our study and analysis to also employ the Orthodox Christian perspective.