Bensalem, PA – SigmaPharm Laboratories hosted its annual Christmas party yesterday at the Pen Ryn Estate on Delaware. Some two hundred employees, family, and friends gathered for the annual affair. The evening featured food, fun, and unity. It was highlighted by a speech from CEO and founder, Spiro Spireas, Ph.D. The overall message, “We are a Family, and I think of you all as part of mine,” said Spireas.

During his speech, Spireas’ also mentioned unity, hard work and health as well. “The most important thing in life is health,” said Spireas. “Success and happiness only happen when you have good health,” he added. Employees cheered Spireas on throughout his speech as he gave a promising forecast for the 2018 fiscal year. He also spoke about the future of the company through 2021. “The outlook is tremendous. We see the pipeline and the future of generic drugs. We know we can have some of this market”, added Spireas.

Spireas also praised his employees and said they have a secret weapon – speed. He talked about their ability to work within regulations at a prompt time frame that he felt other companies could not. This makes SigmaPharm Laboratories a boost in the market. After he closed out his speech, his family was brought forward and recognized. Following a photo op of the foursome, a wrapped Christmas next to the podium was opened. A large portrait painting of the Spireas family was revealed. The present from the employees to the family was an expression of their love and appreciation for the Spireas’. It brought on smiles from the entire family as they looked on and symbolized the bond between this family-run company Spireas described.