Mr. P.G.B.L. Corner

Sixers 57 vs. Spurs 52

Finally! The Sixers, the team with the most all time wins, reaches the ultimate goal of a PGBL Championship. Where should I start? How about with this year’s Finals MVP, Tony Grammenos. Tony started this game off hot, the same way he did last week. 6 first half 3 pointers! Yes 6 threes in the first half alone! Tony would finish with 26 points to lead the Sixers to their first team Championship. Every time the Spurs made a run in the first half, Tony would respond by drilling a 3 pointer. He is a sharp shooter, he is the “Shirtless Sniper” and he is now a PGBL Champion. Grammenos can also add finals MVP to his newly improved PGBL resume. Great success for Tony and much deserved.

If I would of told you Jim Armenakis would only score 2 baskets in the Championship game, you would probably think the Sixers would lose. NO. In my opinion, that is how you know you’re a great player. When you can have such an effect on a game without even scoring. Jim was, of course, a force down low. He rebounded the ball and forced the Spurs to collapse on him when he touched the ball in the post, leaving open shots for Grammenos. Also a force down low was a very active George Pagiotas. Big G looked like the number 54 of old tonight with probably close to 10 blocks. And not only that, George also nailed a couple mid range shots that he struggled with during the regular season. Alex Zikos, the Defensive Player of the Year, did an excellent job keeping the pressure on Vas Rousseas and just being pesky. Zikos is a big reason the Sixers have had so much success. His activity, defense, and point guard play helped push the Sixers over the top. A tough role for Zikos to play, considering he is one of their only true guards.

One more guy I would like to focus on is Jimmy Voutsinas. With 10 points, 8 in the second half, Jim was the X factor tonight as he has been all season for the Sixers. His hustle is unmatched. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody in this league hustle and work as hard as Voutsinas. Without Jimmy, I’m not sure the Sixers would have this Championship. His late game points came as a reward for his hard work as he did what a true successful big man should do, run the floor. Once again congratulations to the Sixers and especially Co Commissioner John Vasiliou, who led his team again tonight and finally after 6 long years, has earned the right to say, “I’m a Champion”.

The Spurs were in this Championship game tonight because they are a smart, veteran, experienced team. With 2 players, Nikolos and Rousseas, who’ve both been in the Finals 4 times. They kept it close tonight and even gave themselves a chance to win, again, because of their veteran experience. Led in scoring tonight by one of the smartest players in this league, Kosta Nikolos. Kosta scored 19 points on 5 three pointers. Nikolos has to change his game from time to time and tonight was one of those nights. Playing against a team with the size of the Sixers, Nikolos knew he would have trouble in the post so he stepped outside and made his presence felt from there. Vas Rousseas, who has now been in the finals 4 out of 6 years, and has not won a ring yet, scored 15 points. Vas has been playing well of late. His game has evolved from being strictly a 3 point shooter, to being pass first point guard who can penetrate and get to the free throw line. He is one of the top players in this league and will continue to get better. Zeke Economides also had trouble tonight with the size of the Sixers. Zeke is 6’1” at the most, and he was doing battle with 6’3”,6’5”,and 6’9”. Not an easy task for Economides but he held his own in the paint as he always does. Niko Pappas, though he is a tower himself, had trouble with the strength of Pagiotas, Armenakis, and Voutsinas. Pappas scored 8 points and came back from injury in the playoffs to help his team get to the Finals, but there wasn’t enough to actually win it. Congratulations to the Spurs for making such a great run and good luck in the future. This is a very good team and I hope they stay together and go for it all once again next season.

Game ball goes to Tony Grammenos

Congrats to this year’s league MVP, who has been runner up for the last 2 years, Bill Zonios. And to the Defensive Player of the Year, a well deserved award for his stifling defense, Alex Zikos. Lastly, George Vlahos, Scoring Champ for the 4th straight year, the best scorer in PGBL History