Upper Darby, PA – Handshakes and hugs were exchanged between Judge Harry Karapalides and guests as they entered St. Demetrios Hall on Wednesday night. The evening campaign fundraiser to reelect Karapalides was a community affair that united one of the most diversified immigrant communities in America.

The historic immigrant Greek community has changed over the last two decades and become even more diversified. Some 68 different languages are spoken in this town and many of those representatives including the Greek came out to show their support.

Guest speakers from each ethnic community spoke of their admiration for Karapalides and the message was the same. “He is a man of integrity, a mentor and a friend to all”, said local attorney Ejaz A. Sabir, a leader and member of the Muslim community. Mayor Tom Micozzie (Upper Darby), along with Constable Skip Damiani, Magisterial District Judge Christopher Mattox, and other community leaders also came out to support Karapalides.

Karapalides has held the position of Magisterial District Judge for Delaware County 32-1-33 for two terms. “I feel that I have developed a relationship with the community and the police department over the last 12 years,” Karapalides said. “I have been able to help resolve issues and get cases through. The caseload in Upper Darby is getting larger and larger and I’m able to handle it.”

Karapalides is a Republican who is well known and liked across the community by both parties. The Democratic primary takes place on May 19th, where he has cross filled and will appear on the ballot for the democratic nomination. With that victory, he would secure his position for a third term and runoff in November would not take place. Karapalides would then resume his duties for the next 6 years.