Two new videos promote the civilization, history, hospitality and merits of all Cretans have been created by the Region of Crete, to achieve the best possible joint tourism promotion of Crete through the campaign Incredible Crete: Surprisingly Yours!

The two new videos under the titles Incredible History and Incredible Hospitality are directed by the well-known Cretan filmmaker Theodoris Papadoulakis. They are based on the cultural heritage and the hospitality of the Cretan people and are ambitious to win every Greek or foreign visitor.

The videos are already internationally displayed through the social media, the Region of Crete’s website, as well as the leading international travel broadcaster, Travel channel.

The concept of the videos is based on the Minoan civilization, Europe’s first civilization, on Cretans’ hospitality, as well as on the Cretan diet.

The Region of Crete pointed out that its vision is stable: “A united Crete, an island pattern and pole of attraction for tourism and investments”.
These two videos are the ticket for a trip to Greece and Crete, inviting the world to get to know the island’s history and hospitality.