Wilmington, DE – Members of the Cypriot community pinned dollars on a couple who reenacted a traditional wedding dance following the ceremony. The performance was all part of the evening that featured folk dancing and a theatrical performance hosted by The Cyprus Society of Greater Philadelphia “Makarios III”.

Many who attended, said they were reminded of the customs they witnessed back home on their island nation of Cyprus in years past. The reenactment started with the dressing of the groom and then the bride. That was followed by the preparation of the bedroom which then led to the wedding dance performed by the couple.

Antama, the Cypriot Music dance group from Cyprus kept the crowd on the dance floor throughout the evening. While two dance groups, The Pancyprian Association Inc. Dance Division of New York, and the Cypriot Dancers of Greater Philadelphia performed traditional folk dancing. “I believe our young kids and our generation, will be able to hold these type of events so that our roots continue to grow and so they can sustain our Hellenism and Cypriot culture here in the Philadelphia area”, said president Stelios Tsinontides.