Media, PA – Every 1st of October Cyprus celebrates Independence Day. This day Cypriots honour the day in 1960 when Cyprus gained independence from the British following a long and bitter struggle that lasted from 1955 to 1959.

On Sunday morning, following church services at St. George Greek Orthodox church in Media, that day was remembered along with those lost during the Turkish invasions of 1974. Guests, Vasilios Philippou Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus, Constantine Tsentas (President of the Cyprus Federation of America), Stelios Tsinontides, President of Cyprus Society of Philadelphia, visited the congregation of St. George. They spoke with parishioners and featured a short documentary film on the destruction of the churches in the still occupied territory of Cyprus.

Across the island, schools, offices and many shops are closed on this day. Independence Day is celebrated with festivals at schools and communities, parades, parties and processions. The main event of the day is a big military parade, which takes place in the center of the capital. The day ends with an open reception at the Presidential Palace.