DODONI announces its partnership with the top dairy products importing Company in the U.S., Arthur Schuman Inc, based in New Jersey.

The collaboration, which commenced on April 1st 2014, regards import and distribution of DODONI products in the U.S. market, emphasizing on PDO feta (Protected Designation of Origin), in all customers categories (retail, wholesale, catering).

The Arthur Schuman Inc is a leader in the U.S dairy market, with 60 years of history representing some of largest European dairy companies as well as leading companies in dairy products production and trade such as Italian Zanetti. The agreement is part of the new openness and competitiveness strategy of DODONI, which has already achieved significant results both in Greece and abroad.

The Deputy CEO of DODONI S.A. Mr. Konstantinos Ioakimidis said about the new partnership: “This agreement has all necessary features to confer significant benefits to DODONI as expands our introduction to organized retail and provides access to all States. Agreements with many s/m chains for placing large range of our products have already achieved, enhancing the potentials of this partnership. Moreover, this cooperation makes DODONI the best ambassador of Epirus region and generally Greece across U.S., promoting the best way Greek products and especially the Greek feta. Our aim is our famous feta to act as a pivot in order U.S. consumers to gradually meet all the rest high quality products of our company, including hard cheeses, goat cheese and dry myzithra.”