The name “Dodoni” immediately brings to mind, Feta cheese. A respected Greek product of Greece, it was founded in 1963 by ATEbank (The Agricultural Bank of Greece) and the Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives of Epirus.

Now, some 50 years later, it has emerged as one of the first privatized businesses of Greece and appears to be a business model for Greek companies.

Since November 2012, after open international tender, the majority package of the shares of the former ATE transferred to Strategic Initiatives, which is an international investment company.

Based in Ioannina Greece, Dodoni produces milk and dairy products. It collects this from approximately 6.500 local breeders in the region of Epirus and is the leading company in the production of Feta cheese in Greece.

This year, Dodoni achieved a stable increase in growth for every quarter in the domestic market, while it’s exports in the international market expanded as well.

Dodoni’s exports increased by 12% in the first 9 months of 2013 (January – September), compared to the same period last year. This confirms the company’s growth and its position as one of Greece’s leading exporters.

Furthermore, it’s domestic sales over the past three years are even more encouraging. It’s newly enacted initiative to work closer with its employees, suppliers and customers has shaped Dodoni to be a more effective market product for the company as well.

Dodoni promotes Greek cheese and dairy products all over the world, and exports to some 35 countries. Dodoni’s presence in Australia, USA, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands is strong, while a growing market in the Middle East and Asia have become evident.

It is significant to note that the dynamic expansion and strategic orientation of the company’s business is also linked to it’s ownership change. Strategic Initiatives will complete their first year of ownership in November 2013.

Dodoni’s promotional activities abroad, especially where Greek production initiatives are promoted has also impacted the market.

As of late, the company participated at the international exhibition Anuga 2013, in Cologne, Germany, which is the largest exhibition worldwide for the food and beverage sector.

There, Dodoni enjoyed significant interest and enquiries at it’s booth, while promoting Epirus regional cheese and dairy products of great taste and quality. Dodoni has now emerged as a positive representative as a Greek company and is an apparent innovator in the sector.

The video shown above is courtesy of Dodoni Australia.