November 3, 2012. Upper Darby, PA – Volunteers make all the difference. Like a well oiled machine, St. Demetrios grinded through the weekend moving the food, drink and dancing without a hitch. Tasty, homemade, freshly served and plentiful, that about summarizes the food. With a warm and friendly volunteer staff of church members, St. Demetrios went through the weekend having fun while hosting this 2 day affair.

Plenty of parking made it an easy trip in to this historically Greek neighborhood on Marshall road (near the Cobbs Creek parkway) and dancing by the GOYA and church dance groups kept eyes focused while bellies were being filled.

For the second year in a row, St. Demetrios and it’s volunteers kept it’s guests laughing and grinning from ear to ear. Even between performances, while things were quiet in side the church, singing in the kitchen and under the tent could be heard. At one point, I peeked my head into a cooking area, under a tent and saw the volunteer chef’s singing and dancing.

Yes, we Greeks celebrate no matter when. OPA!