This year’s 2016 Greek Independence Day Parade will feature the Greek Presidential Guard Evzones from Greece. It’s been some 20 years since they last visited Philadelphia. The Federation of Hellenic American Societies is asking for sponsors of the Greek Independence Day parade to help cover the cost of their historic return.

“We need as much help as possible to pay these costs, said President Stathis Karandonis of the Federation. The Evzones will be in Philadelphia from April 13th to the 17th. “The parade is for the entire community and it’s our responsibility to honor the history of our ancestors by helping preserve the traditions associated with this special day”, added Karandonis.

Next Tuesday, March 8th at St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Philadelphia, final preparations will be made for the parade. Parade flyers and forms will be available for organization to pick up and distribute. The Federation is requesting that two representatives from each organization attend and anyone interested in volunteering.

“We need every ones help. This is an opportunity for the Philadelphia Greek-American community to participate at this historic annual event, where we will see the return of the Evzones to our city”, said Karandonis. “We are suggesting a $250 dollar minimum donation from each organization be made at the upcoming meeting”. “Let’s unite our efforts for the good of Hellenism”, added Karandonis.

For more information about the upcoming event, please visit them online at or their Facebook page.

Federation Meeting
St. George Cathedral, 256 S 8th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Tuesday, March 8th, 2016, 7:00 pm
Info: Stathis Karadonis (856-308-2877), George Horiates (856-986-8972) or Jimmy Rozanitis (856-625-6708)