Glenn Mills, PA – Some 25 Greek soccer enthusiasts came out on Saturday afternoon to try out for Team Greece. The players ranged from h.s. to former Greek team nationals. A bit rusty and worn out by the humid weather, coach Paul Giavonopoulos gathered his troops for the first of 2 or 3 tryouts.

Team Greece will be participating in this year’s Philadelphia International Unity Cup for the 1st time. The tournament is scheduled to start on September 8, 2017. Thirty-two teams will compete for the World Cup style soccer tournament made up of the many diverse immigrant groups across Philadelphia. The tournament ends with a final championship game on November 5, 2017, held at Citizens Bank Park.

The team is being formed through Hellenic FC, the Delaware County Greek soccer club. The next practice is scheduled to take place at Garrett Mill Park in West Chester on June 22, 2017. Any Greek or Greek-American interested in trying is invited to come out. A limited number of positions on the team will be created to participate.