West Chester, PA – We knew local Greek-American George Lambritsios could kick a football, but we had no idea he could also punt. In fact, as of last week, he booted himself into national rankings as a member of the West Chester University football team. He is currently leading the country in net punting with an average of 43.81 yards per average. And he ranks second overall in punting, averaging 46.5 yards per boot.

We first featured Lambritsios in an article back in 2013 and 2015, when he was a kicker for Marple Newtown H.S. His kicking ability was evident then. College scouts had him on their radar, and many media sources featured him as one of the best in the Central league.

George Lambritsios kicking

George Lambritsios

He is listed and continues his duties as a kicker for West Chester, but his punting skills have gained him much attention as of late. Last week, Lambritsios was also named PSAC Special Teams Player of the Week. The West Chester University Rams are a division II football school and are currently posting a 5-0 record. As of this week, they are ranked no. 14 (Division II). Lambritsios will be kicking for the Rams this Saturday, as they host Bloomsburg University at noon.

Academically speaking, George Lambritsios is in his senior year at West Chester but is still eligible to kick one more year. His major is criminal justice, and this past summer, he interned with the Marple Newtown police dept. His family is members of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Upper Darby, PA.