Philadelphia, PA – Greek Canadian Celebrities Katherine and Sophie, known as the Georgetown Cup Cake Sisters, were in town this past Tuesday evening for a book signing at the Water Works Restaurant along the parkway. Released on October 9, 2012, “Sweet Celebrations” is the follow-up book to their wildly successful inaugural release called “The Cupcake Diaries.

Lucky fans lined up for a book signing and got to sample their incredible cupcakes. Waiting patiently, young and old fans, filled with big smiles, each had time for photo ops alongside Katherine and Sophie. Traditionally, book signings have taken place in lobbies or book stores.

The Water Works lounge alongside the Schuylkill River made for a much more inviting atmosphere as guests sat at tables enjoying drinks and sampling cupcakes. Being a sweet tooth junkie myself, I had to try at least one.

So I asked for the signature cupcake, the “Red Velvet”. Wow! Pretty incredible. A few minutes later, I thought I’d go for my favorite and try the Coconut. I’m never really satisfied with others, but I must say, they nailed it again. That sure beats a Tastykake. Although, for the price of a Tastykake, I still think they’re a pretty good deal. Ok, so maybe I went a little overboard this time, but I had to try one more. Everyone said, go for the Maple. How could I resist? It even had an edible Maple leaf on top and I thought, since they are originally from Canada, they must have worked really hard on getting this one right. Yup, I was left speechless. Each one of those cupcakes was as well created as the next. A gourmet sweet lovers delight.

The book tour sponsored by the “Greek America Foundation” will take them through Chicago, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

Inspired by their grandmother, in 2008, Katherine and Sophie traded careers in fashion and venture capital to follow their passion for baking and opened Georgetown Cupcake in Washington, DC. Since 2008, Katherine and Sophie have expanded Georgetown Cupcake with locations in Bethesda, MD, New York City/SoHo, and Boston/Newbury St. with an additional location planned for Los Angeles (Fall 2012). Georgetown Cupcake ships its cupcakes nationwide and offers over 100 flavors.

And Now, they’ve gone on to TV with their hit TV show “DC Cupcakes”. DC Cupcakes is an American reality television series that follows Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis as they run Georgetown Cupcake. You can catch their show on TLC.

Cosmos Philly Reporter Costas Xinos caught up and interviewed Katherine and Sophie this past Tuesday.