October 21, 2012, Broomall, PA – St. Luke and St. George Greek Orthodox churches had it out this past Sunday. This was the 3rd week of the D.V.G.O.B.L. The two teams, part of the Delaware Valley Greek Orthodox Basketball league played each other and even themselves. The Boys teams from St. Luke, (B), played the (A) team from St. George. While the Girls of St. Luke, played the (A) team of St. George. Of course, the St. George girls (A) team played the St. George (B) team. And finally the St. George (A) team boys played the St. Luke (A) team boys.

Sound confusing? Tomorrow well try and make sense of it all in the video report. But for now, the images here, are in order of each game as it happened. Here are the actual scores.

At. St. Luke Church, Broomall

Broomall – Girls 18 Media #1 – Girls 8
Broomall #2 – Boys 8 Media – Boys 23
Media #1 – Girls 17 Media #2 – Girls 8
Broomall #1 – Boys 17 Media – Boys 36