Violinist Katrina Christoforidis is scheduled to perform as a contestant on Ελλάδα έχεις ταλέντο, on Antenna (ANT1) on March 12th, 2022. This performance will mark a momentous milestone in her musical career, as it represents her love for Greece and captures the spirit of Greek Americans.

Katrina is deeply influenced and inspired by her love for Greek music and culture. She flourishes inspirational expression into her violin along with an extraordinary ability to connect with her audience. Katrina trained as a classical violinist from the age of 5 at the prestigious Settlement Music School in Philadelphia, PA. She followed her passion for Greek music by studying Greek violin with the late Giannis Stratigis – violinist for Giorgos Mazonakis from 2005-2014, and student of legendary violinist Lefteris Zervas. Through his tutelage, she secured a foundation of skill, rhythmic range, and passion.

Katrina is an active member of the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra, celebrating her love for classical music. Katrina plays her violin with passion and conviction and has an innate ability to connect emotionally with her audience. Katrina was a founding member of a Greek band, Dionysos, where she performed and celebrated her culture and heritage proudly throughout the Delaware Valley and concert venues in Greece.

For more information, and to find Katrina on Instagram @katrina_violi.