In this documentary film, “Greek Diners & Restaurants, The Start of The American Dream,” viewers are guided through the rich history and cultural significance of Greek-owned diners in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. From the earliest years of the 20th Century to the present, these diners have been the central spot for the American community and the foundation of the Greek-American communities they are in.

Through interviews with diner owners, viewers are provided insight into how these diners have evolved and their role in American and Greek-American communities. It is a unique institution that is not only present throughout the United States but is part of the epicenter of the diner/restaurant business of the greater New York and New Jersey area where it all began.

As the film chronicles the history of these diners, it becomes clear that they are a cornerstone of the Greek-American community. Through their continued presence and evolution, Greek-owned restaurants have become an integral part of Philadelphia’s history, culture, and Greek community. “Greek Diners & Restaurants, The Start of The American Dream” is a tribute to their enduring legacy.