I’ve been debating about, first, writing this article, and second, posting it. I have decided to do both. For this occasion, I have dressed in armor for the onslaught of criticism, hate mail, and the evil eye I suspect I will receive. I am notifying those of you out there in CosmosPhillyLand that will take offense to this article that I have an abundance of items to ward off your curses – including my blue evil eye. I have gone into the Greek witness protection program and have changed my name – something Swedish I can’t even pronounce. Too many consonants and those diaeresi things, you know, the two dots over the vowel. And you’ll never find me!

Okay, here we go.

Greek men… where have we gone wrong?

There was a time when our women walked ten paces behind us… and carried the groceries. I saw an old Greek man sitting in his kitchen next to the refrigerator yell out to his elderly wife, on the second floor, “Geneka, come down and give me a glass of cold water,” and she did. I watched Greek men sitting around drinking coffee and playing tavli while their wives were working at the pizzeria. I watched the men in a Greek household eat Christmas dinner before the wives sat in.

There was a time when a Greek man came home from work to find his slippers, a little plate of mezathakia, and a shot of Ouzo waiting for him like a faithful old dog. Not to mention home-cooked meals… every day! If a friend came over, the Greek wife laid out a spread while the men talked, and she didn’t engage in the conversation. Our fathers and grandfathers and beyond were smart. They knew if they gave their Greek women freedom it was like opening Pandora’s Box and there would be hell to pay.

In today’s world… hah! Pandora’s box has been opened and we’re paying hell! We’re lucky if we get a take-out dinner and a little Post-it Note that says, “Order a pizza, I went to the gym… luv u!” and one of those smiley things underneath ☺. Like that’s supposed to help.

Today it’s, “You need to take the kids to their soccer practice and karate classes because I’m meeting Jen and Maria at the restaurant for dinner and drinks.” Or, “Honey, after you cut the grass can you go and pick-up the dry cleaning and put gas in the car. I have a meeting after work I can’t miss.”

Greek men… where have we gone wrong?

I’ll tell you what happened! Us modern men wanted to show how civilized and educated we were and above the Greek village mentality. ‘Women are equal and we can prove it,” we said to the world. We did and now we’re paying the price. Sunday football – lol, you’re too busy walking through the mall and window shopping. “Yes dear,” you say, “those shoes go great with your new handbag.” Meanwhile, you act as if you’re looking at the time on your smartphone but you’re actually trying to catch the score of the football game.

Even some of my “Leftovers” friends (read my blog on that to understand) have fallen to the civilized women propaganda. Of course, when they are with their other Leftovers they talk a big game about how they are the boss in the house. How the “geneka” listens to what he says and better listen! Yeah right, until he gets a text message telling him to get his you know what home and don’t forget to take out the trash… and he leaves immediately!

Greek men… where have we gone wrong?

Ah, Dad and Pappou, we failed you as real men.

Well, maybe not. Today’s Greek-American women are educated, and “in the know” than previous generations were. We were afraid to open Pandora’s Box because deep down inside we knew our Greek women were intelligent not just a “hamali” to carry things. Our daughters are becoming professionals in all fields, and entrepreneurs in the businesses their parents started. They have better jobs and some making more money than their husbands… and what is wrong with that? The days that the man is the sole breadwinner in the family are long gone. Today’s hectic, expensive, and whirled-wind life requires everyone to contribute and they should. In the end, it’s about the family and for the family to survive everyone needs to work and to compromise.

Besides, paybacks are a &%$@! Now the women are making money, they too get taxed! Ha! How do you like it now?

So Greek men… where have we gone wrong? Nowhere.

We have become civilized and if you really think about, it, it’s a good thing. I tell my daughters to shoot for the stars and don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible. But I say to the Greek-American women out there, just one favor, please? Every once in a while, have a plate of mezethakia and a shot of Ouzo, together with a pair of slippers ready when your man comes home. He may think you finally fell off the deep end, or he may finally feel like good ol’ Pappou.

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