Feasterville, PA – They’re tenacious about their sport and ready to take on the World. Come December in Dallas, in the great state of Texas, Roller Derby World Cup 2014 will be hosted for the second time. Some 30 teams from around the world will compete, at what is arguably the fastest growing women’s sport in the world. Three members of Team Greece visited Philadelphia this past weekend. They competed in the 2014 ECDX, (East Coast Derby Extravaganza), at a friendly matchup against the “Pennsylvania Stars”. Their team, United Nations, comprised of some of the best skaters in the world.

Christina Bouras (Maine Roller Derby/Beth Salts), Eleni Pantaridis (Dub city Derby Girls/Sparta Kiss), and Jessica Sarlis (Free State roller Derby/Betty Bam-Bam) were present, working together and representing team Greece. Lou Peters, an experienced Derby coach, who from Detroit, (Luigi/Detroit Derby Girls) and is one of the coaches of Team Greece. He coached United Nations on Sunday and got to meet with the girls for the first time. His services have been attained to help implement strategic direction and offensive attacks for Team Greece.

ECDX is a regional tournament annually hosted in Feasterville Pa, and is by invitation to teams mostly from around North America. The event brings together teams from various leagues that otherwise would not meet throughout the year. It also provides a forum for teams that will compete at the World Cup, to practice and compete together in a friendly forum.