Greeks are returning to the island of Imvros where a Greek school has reopened. In 1923, the Greek island became part of Turkey where national policy slowly forced Greeks to leave by the thousands.

The island now called Gökçeada then became overwhelmingly Turkish. But Turkey has adopted a more tolerant stance on ethnic minorities and is aiming to improve it’s image, by returning expropriated properties and a right to schooling in minority languages.

For decades the Greek school in the village of Agios Theodoros was deserted, but today the Turkish government is now paying Greek teachers who have returned to teach on the island. The school now reopened by the Turkish government has four students and three teachers. Greek and Turkish are taught by ethnic Greeks and the principal in charge is originally from the island as well.

Turkey claims that they want more Greek families to return and build their lives. Some families have made the journey and Greek life is being revived.

Video: European Journal – The Magazine from Brussels / Deutsche Welle