By Marilena Drakou

Stelios Dionysiou, a talented well known young Greek singer was found at Adelphia Restaurant on Sunday, May 19, 2012 singing great songs Dozens of people came to NJ to enjoy his performance and had a great time listening older and newest songs not only from his personal music albums but mostly well known songs from his father’s, Stato Dionysiou successful albums.
Cosmos Philly was there as well, and had a nice warm discussion with him, finding out how warm and friendly person he is. He talked to us about his trips around the U.S., about his family and how much he is enjoying singing in front of the wonderful Greek-American community all these years. He also talked about his family and his two lovely kids that he is missing greatly. At last, he spoke about his current and immediate future professional plans, his concerts in Greece, Cyprus and shared with us, for the first time in public, his partnership with a very famous composer who will write for him his next album.  
Last but not least, Cosmos Philly also talked to Mr. Vasilis Balis, the co-owner of the Adelphia Restaurant who expressed his dedication to his customers and explained how important is for him and his co-partners to offer quality of service. He also spoke about the numerous successful events Adelphia hosts on a daily basis. He announced some interior renovations within the next few months and he guaranteed his dedication to continue the wonderful work that for many decades they have been achieving.