What is one thing that you have not told anybody in an interview?

I think the one thing I haven’t told anybody is that I like to do my own nails. I am obsessed with it. I like to change my colors every, like, three days, have all the colors I am obsessed, yeah, so I think nobody knows that. I do get pedicures but I love just doing my own nails. I mean I go once in a while if I want something special, special design but in general I like to do my own nails.

How do you explain the evolution of your music over a decade?

I started the business when I was 18 and half years old and now I am 29 and I just feel like my music has grown with me, all the things I have been through, I feel like it describes all of that. You hear to my music because in the beginning, it was just, you know this innocent, and I just feel like with each CD, you see kind of where I was in my life!

Share a funny moment of your performance from your music career!

Well funny moment, well, this one! I was touring and oh it was just fabulous; you know sometimes you have really great shows and I just felt in and audience was just fabulous, and I am singing and I am like done, my number was done, my last song and I was saying goodbye and I was saying goodbye with my mike in front “Thank You” and the microphone goes flying out of my hands and thank God it did not hit anybody but it was like, it almost fell of the stage and I was just like oh my God! Great finale great finale but it was just it was funny.

Do you plan to continue your singing career in Greece?

Greece! I do! I had taken a break for a while because I had my little munchies, I had twin boys. So but it was like a well worthy break. Because, God, I just feel like the break just let me have time with myself and to see what I want, you know, because if you just going going going you need a minute to sit back and wait do I like this, Is this what I am going for, is this expressing myself. So it was like about two, three years that I had taken break, so now I am back in the studio and when it’s ready you will know it.

What was it like to be on the cover of People Magazine?

Doing the people magazine photo shoot was just great. It was an honor. My favorite magazine! And It was just a nice way to introduce the babies and it was just really fun day, the weather was great and we just, you know having fun outside taking some pictures and it’s just nice to have those pictures as well. It was making great memories so it was really nice.

What is a recipe to making a dance number?

Gosh, it’s all in the beat, the music, the vibe! Gosh when I am dancing, I feel like key to is once you do get the choreographies to be rehearsing, to know it so well that it just like, you are not even thinking you are just going so there when you are on stage you are just feeling it and just going not thinking oh I had to turn my head I got to have my hands up and my shoulders, just not thinking for a second so I think it’s really important, rehearsal and preparation to be prepared but it’s all music it’s just how and what you are feeling. I mean sometimes you do not need this kind of choreography, where it’s like moving and every single detail. Sometimes you just need like a (showing some emotions and clicks) and then it’s just like awesome. So it’s just like going with your instincts.

How do you manage to keep the energy flowing in your music videos?

Video clips are so much fun. I always have a really good time doing them. They are a lot of work but it’s totally worth it. I really just enjoy it. It’s great when you get to work with different directors. It’s just like a nice collaboration and keeping the energy up is just, it’s pretty easy because you just love what you do and it’s exciting because you have all these ideas and once you see them. You know the end result or when you go on the camera to see oh my God oh well it’s just great it’s one line and then it’s it’s just a great creative atmosphere so I really enjoy.

How do you handle criticism on your music?

Well, you got to be able to take it because it’s part of the business and what you can do! I mean sometimes, like in my weak moments, I am like, oh my goodness, you know because I just wanted to entertain people and you just do the best you can do, really put your heart and soul to something and I always feel like something real will shine through no matter what. So you know it is part of the business, I have accepted it and will move on.

What is the most difficult element in performing in front of a huge audience?

Most difficult element! I feel like singing in front of huge audience is easier than a small audience, something more intimate. I guess because in huge audience everybody is like having the vibe in them is just like energies is just like is usually so powerful, they just really want to show it. So I just feel like it’s a little bit easier, I don’t know, for me, it’s just, the bigger the audience is like the easier I flow; the better I feel on stage. When it is intimate, it’s also fabulous but it’s different because oh God, I feel like everyone can see me more which I know doesn’t make sense as more people are in the big one but for some reason because it’s more intimate like I feel like being watched more! It’s difficult to explain. But I feel like big audience is for me, it’s just easier.

It’s been a while since your last album, when do you plan to launch your next album?

Well, I am currently in studio working on some music. It’s all about making good music to me, music that you want to blast in the car. So I am taking my time on this one. I have couple of songs that I like. So when it’s ready, you will know! But I don’t see a date or anything like that but working on that.

How do you manage to stay so physically fit, give your fans a tip or two!

I work out every day. Sometimes, I take Sundays off but mostly every day but I am not like fanatic. I have chocolate and I have Coca-Cola’s once in a while and it’s not diet. Oh my God! But I kind-a do like 60 40 thing, where in one week I eat 60% good and 40% off sprinkle a little, some veg rice but I do work out a lot though. I work out 1 to 2 hours a day, take a lot of lot of lot of water and once in a while I’ll have, well once in a while I’ll have my dark chocolate but once in a while I’ll have like milk chocolate. But in general I just, I eat smaller portions. I eat throughout the day about 5 meals, day snacks, and lots of fruits, fruits, fruits, vegetables, and shakes. You know the usual but it works, it works! But it really water, work out and lots of food and vegetables.

This post was first published in the Tickets Move Blog on July 21, 2014.