Middletown, PA – Vasilios Voutsakis is a Korean War Veteran. His ties to the Delaware Valley and the community as a member of many organizations and his church are well known.

In the following interview, he spoke about his journey as a veteran, which begins in Louisiana where he got his basic training, to Japan and on to Korea where he fought at Pork Chop Hill.

In his interview, he discussed the government’s loss of his paper work being decorated as wounded soldier, the love letters between his wife and him, meeting up with Greek soldiers and celebrating Easter in Korea and discovering and standing by a fellow veteran’s last wishes as he passed, after returning home.

Mr. Voutsakis is a long time member of AHEPA and St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Media, PA. He is a retired businessman who owned and operated a number of successful businesses in the City of Chester, PA.