St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Philadelphia is looking to hire a new administrative assistant.

The Administrative assistant will execute the general office duties of the Cathedral office to support the clerical, secretarial and administration needs of the Cathedral Dean, as well as Parish Council and the various Ministries, and to maintain current communications with the parish through the webpage, email, Facebook, and other social media.

Job Description

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for:

  1. Answering telephone, route calls, and record messages and ensuring that a volunteer is available to assume this function if she is out of the office. Answering the telephone is a critical function for this position.
  2. Making sure that telephone recordings are up-to-date for religious holidays and scheduled absences with no volunteer coverage.
  3. Maintaining the Cathedral webpage with updates as necessary including but not limited to keeping the calendar/ news and events current and posting updated picture galleries.
  4. Maintaining the Cathedral e-mail list and telephone list for robocalls.
  5. Supervising the social media pages for the Cathedral and all Ministries.
  6. Keeping the social media current and accurate is a primary job responsibility and is critical to the Cathedral.
  7. Making appointments as requested for Cathedral business.
  8. Answering inquiries pertaining only to Cathedral services, ministries, and community organizational-activities.
  9. Welcoming visitors and guests and escorting them to the parties they intend to visit.
  10. Preparing Baptismal/Chrismation/Marriage documents, and Funeral records, as required when such as scheduled throughout the Church calendar year, and entering them into the Registry book of the Cathedral, and sending copies of them to the Metropolis of New Jersey, and Archdiocese.
  11. Preparing and typing reports as needed and requested by the Dean of the Cathedral, the Parish Council and any Cathedral related ministry.
  12. Receiving via email Parish Council meeting minutes by the Parish Council secretary. After revising them as necessary, then printing copies for all the PC members for the next meeting. Writing on the computer the PC meeting agenda as directed by the Parish Council president and is in agreement by the Dean of the Cathedral. Preparing meeting room prior to the PC meeting by distributing all the necessary documents for the meeting.
  13. Telephoning or communicating via email any appropriate message on behalf of the Dean or the President of the PC to the members of the Parish Council.
  14. Receiving and distributing mail appropriately. Attaching any necessary support documentation.
  15. Preparing all the information for the Sunday Bulletin, given by the Dean of the Cathedral, in a Publisher or similar format.
  16. Maintaining an annual calendar schedule of all activities in the Cathedral office and keep up with the changes.
  17. Printing, assembling and preparing for mailing all fliers and letters to the community relating to religious services of the Cathedral, and Ministry and Organizations activities.
  18. Transporting and mailing all bulk mailing material to the central Post Office in Philadelphia.
  19. Managing and maintaining the memorial donors’ activities, according to the prescribed procedures, along with the appropriate record keeping and mailings.
  20. Managing and maintaining the Cathedral directory for new stewards, relocations, deaths, etc.
  21. Maintaining Archdiocese membership roster for mailing of the Archdiocesan magazine Observer.
  22. Prepare the necessary notations and memos for the Dean when requests are made for prayer.
  23. Maintaining daily/weekly maintenance logs for all office machines, request service when required.
  24. Assisting of editing the articles of the bi-monthly Bulletin, as well as Parish Registry, monthly calendar,
    and any other articles that need typing as requested by the Dean of the Cathedral, the PC President and all the ministries and organizations.
  25. Assisting the bookkeeper by recording all receipts from all the various sources of revenue and commitments made to the Cathedral. Making copies as necessary for Office Administrator.
  26. Assisting the Bookkeeper, only as needed, on recording parishioners’ pledges and contributions into Servant Keeper/Quick Books computer software of the Cathedral.
  27. Making necessary changes to parishioner’s accounts in order to maintain accuracy.
  28. Printing and mailing quarterly stewardship statements as required.
  29. Assisting the bookkeeper and treasurer in making deposits to the authorized banking institution(s) of the Cathedral.
  30. Performing other duties as assigned by the Dean of the Catedral and the PC President.


The Office Manager/Secretary shall have:

  1. High school or higher education.
  2. Office administration and management experience in church and non-for-profit related organizations.
  3. Working knowledge of personal computers.
  4. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, especially Excel, Publisher, and Photoshop.
  5. Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
  6. Ability to research and gather information using convention text gathering methods and the Internet.
  7. Exceptional organizational, planning, filing, research, and general administrative skills.
  8. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with the Dean of the Cathedral, Parish Council members, head of committees, Ministries and Organizations, as well as employees and parishioners.
  9. Ability to work with others with a team spirit.
  10. Demonstrated ability to operate standard office equipment including but not limited to computers, typewriters, copiers, calculators and facsimile machines.
  11. Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
  12. Good knowledge (spoken and written) of Greek Language.

Vacation Time

The Office Manager/Secretary can receive:

  1. Two (2) weeks paid vacation time for the first five (5) years.
  2. After that, one week paid vacation time earned for every five (5) years. No more than four (4) weeks paid vacation time taken in total.

The Office Manager/Secretary shall request prior authorization for all vacation time. Requests must be submitted in writing or through email to the Dean of the Cathedral and cc to the Parish Council President, at least 30 days prior to the dates anticipated.

  • A signed authorization will be provided authorizing vacation time.
  • Unauthorized vacation time will be considered a violation of these regulations and may result in forfeiture of pay.
  • Earned vacation time shall be taken during the following year after earning said vacation and is not to be carried over to the following year.
  • Vacation time taken in more than two-week intervals must be pre-approved. Days off for Religious Feast Days or State Holidays are taken in accordance with the Archdiocesan Yearbook.

Sick Leave

The Office Manager/Secretary can receive:

  1. One week paid sick leave for the first five (5) years.
  2. And one day in addition to paid sick leave for every five (5) years, with the maximum paid sick leave of three (3) weeks.

Contact Info

St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral,
256 S 8th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (215) 627-4389

Please send your resume to Penelope Sarkioglu (