Upper Darby, PA – St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church was the scene of a political campaign fundraiser last night. The Greek communities own, Judge Harry Karapalides Esq. is running for re-election for Magisterial District Judge for Delaware County 32-1-33.

In one of the most diverse communities in Pennsylvania, the town of Upper Darby is home to people of various faiths and cultures. Representatives from many, came out to show their support for Karapalides. Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jews and everyone in between was represented at this event that united the community. Each guest spoke of their admiration for Karapalides. “He is a man of integrity, a mentor and a friend to all”, said local attorney Ejaz A. Sabir, a leader and member of the Muslim community.

On May 19th the Democratic primaries will be taking place. Although Karapalides is a republican he is also on the ballot for the democratic nomination. If he wins on May 19th a November runoff will not take place and Karapalides will resume his duties for a third term for the next 6 years.