Deptford, NJ – On February 15, 2024, “Kali Parea” celebrated its 7th annual “Ladies’ Day Luncheon” at the renowned “Adelphia” Restaurant and Banquet Hall in Deptford, New Jersey.

The informal gathering, meaning “Good Company” in Greek, originated over 15 years ago among men from the St. Thomas Parish in Cherry Hill, NJ. These individuals, hailing from diverse age groups from their ’60s to well into their ’90s, shared a common background of being born in Greece and arriving in America at a young age, thriving in the Greater Delaware Valley.

Over the years, “Kali Parea” expanded its membership, relocating its weekly meetings to the basement of St. Thomas Church. With attendance often exceeding 30 individuals every Wednesday, the group emphasized maintaining an informal, “kafeneio-style” gathering. While they contribute collectively to the philanthropic efforts of the Parish, the group remains committed to its informal nature, as reflected in the community’s official meeting agenda.

In 2018, “Kali Parea” introduced an annual luncheon, inviting spouses and guests to experience the camaraderie of the group. The inaugural luncheon on February 24, 2018, was met with enthusiasm, prompting the decision to make it a yearly event.

The 2024 luncheon was orchestrated by Leonardos (Louie) Manousos, the spokesperson for “Kali Parea,” and Louis Kaliamouris, the chairman of the St. Thomas Maturity Club, both of whom addressed the attendees. Fr. Avgoustinos, the Priest of St. Thomas, delivered a heartfelt speech acknowledging the valuable contributions of the experienced seniors to the community. John Apostolos, a member, recited a joyful poem during the event. As a special touch, each lady in attendance received a heart-shaped memento, aligning the luncheon deliberately with St. Valentine’s Day, traditionally celebrated on February 14, a day dedicated to love and “eros” (or, in English, “cupid”).