After seven months of resistance and after defeating Italy, Nazi Germany invades via Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.

While the German troops invading from Bulgaria were pinned down by the Greeks at the Metaxas line, and the entire Greek army still chasing off the Italians deep in Albanian territory, the British expeditionary force (also known as W-force) guarding the sector of and between the Yugoslav border and Salonika was insufficient to hold the Germans who were advancing southwards due to the rapid Yugoslav collapse.

The Germans invaded mainly by Yugoslavia capturing Salonika and taking the British force by surprise, with the German breakthrough, the Greek armies were cut off and isolated, and the Germans continued their drive south towards Athens. A battle at Thermopylae to delay the Germans by the combined Greek-British troops that managed to retreat was the only thing that prevented the Germans from reaching Athens.

In the morning of April 27th, 1941, the first Germans entered Athens and drove straight to the Acropolis where they raised the Swastika.

This is the last free broadcast of Athens radio, that morning of April 27th, 1941 from now on the radio would transmit the propaganda of the Third Reich, until the Greek army in exile along with British units would liberate Athens on October 12th, 1944.

Republished from The Baron ofBallstein via YouTube