Lansdowne, PA – The somber atmosphere at Fernwood Cemetery was filled with both gratitude and remembrance today as the Eleftheria VFW Post 6633, a Greek-American veterans’ organization, held their annual Memorial Day service. The event paid tribute to the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country while also honoring the legacy of the VFW post that has been an integral part of the Lansdowne community for over seven decades.

Amidst the rows of neatly arranged gravestones, five Greek-American veterans stood tall, representing the storied history and unwavering commitment of the Eleftheria VFW Post 6633. Established in 1946, the post boasted a membership of over 60 veterans at its inception. Today, as the chapter gathered to commemorate their fallen comrades, the names of VFW post members who had passed away were solemnly read aloud, ensuring their sacrifices would never be forgotten.

The Memorial Day service drew approximately 50 members of the Greek-American community, a testament to the enduring support and respect for those who have served. District Commander John Walker and Chaplain Bishop Justin Cohen led the proceedings, guiding attendees through a profoundly moving and respectful ceremony. Father Chris Kontos of St. Luke had conducted a separate service earlier in the day, emphasizing the significance of this day of remembrance.

Pennsylvania is divided into 12 districts, each representing various VFW posts across the state. District 7 VFWs of the Veterans, which encompasses Delaware County, actively organized the event. Taking charge of the service’s logistics was Quarter Master Curtis Cummings, whose meticulous attention to detail ensured a seamless and respectful occasion.

Two Greek-American Boy Scouts, Yianni Onassis and Elias Kostans, hailing from Cheltenham Troop 22, added a touch of solemnity to the ceremony. The young scouts, proudly holding the American and Greek flags, stood in unity at the monument that bears the name of the Greek-American VFW Post. Their presence underscored the intergenerational appreciation for the sacrifices made by those who came before them and the importance of passing down the spirit of service and remembrance.

The Memorial Day service took place at the Greek section of Fernwood Cemetery, a sacred resting place for many Greek-Americans in the community. As attendees gathered around the beautifully adorned monuments, the significance of this gathering became palpable. It was a moment to honor the past, to remember those who selflessly defended our freedoms, and to express gratitude for their service.

As the sun set over the hallowed grounds of Fernwood Cemetery, the Memorial Day service held by the Eleftheria VFW Post 6633 left an indelible mark on all those in attendance. The unwavering commitment of the Greek-American veterans was felt throughout the ceremony, reminding everyone of the sacrifices made and the importance of cherishing the memory of those who gave their lives for our nation. May their legacy live on in our hearts and our gratitude to them each Memorial Day.