His Eminence Metropolitan Apostolos presided over the 13th Annual Ambassador Awards Banquet on December 10th, 2023. This celebratory event gathered over 400 faithful Orthodox Christians from the Delaware Valley Region of New Jersey. It honored the dedicated service and selfless contributions of youth groups and parish members to their local communities.

Held at Adelphia Restaurant, the banquet demonstrated the unwavering commitment of the Greek Orthodox Christian community to make a positive difference. In welcoming remarks, Metropolitan Apostolos expressed gratitude for the honorees’ exemplary efforts, emphasizing service and compassion as core to the faith.

His Eminence took the opportunity to formally recognize individuals who showed exceptional dedication to community service. These long-running Ambassador Awards acknowledge tireless work and outstanding achievements.

Beyond awards, the banquet reflected cherished Greek Orthodox principles of compassion, generosity, and selflessness. Through serving others, honorees brought these virtues to life – setting an inspiring example.

The event also celebrated bonds uniting the Delaware Valley’s Greek-American Orthodox community in a spirit of solidarity. It offered meaningful opportunities for connection through shared experiences and mutual support.

While honoring past service, the awards inspired attendees to continue selfless efforts to benefit society. They highlighted how individuals and groups can create positive change through collective dedication.

As the 13th edition, this year’s banquet demonstrated an enduring tradition of service within Greek American Orthodox circles in New Jersey. Attendees left newly motivated to uphold cherished values of compassion and generosity through their own community contributions.