Jeffersonville, PA – As the parishioners of St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church entered their house of worship, smiles and nods of confidence could be seen on their faces. This past Saturday a ceremonial blessing of their new iconostasion took place. Made of White Oak and hand carved in Chania Crete, it had traveled some 5000 miles to it’s final destination. Constructed by the Steve Kavroulakis Co., the iconostasion consisted of 5 major pieces; that included the iconostasion, pulpit, bishops throne, sanctuary table and lectern.

Eight members labored over 2 full days to place the colossal Byzantine style facade. The long time dream reaching this stage was now complete. On the occasion of their 32 year anniversary as a parish, the St. Sophia Greek Orthodox community had much to be proud of. In less than two years, they constructed their new church, completed the frescoes and now their iconostasion has been placed; quite an achievement for this outlying Greek community of Philadelphia.

The evening was then celebrated with a dinner-dance and fundraiser by the entire community. Showing no signs of slowing down, their current fundraising efforts and thoughts are now focused on attaining church pews. The Saturday evening affair was in part celebratory and fundraising. It included a silent auction, raffle ticket drawing and displays of the church in it’s various stages that decorated the hall.

Following dinner the lights dimmed for the youth groups dance performance. Smiling facing looked on in admiration as dances from throughout Greece were performed. The beaming community then joined hands on the dance floor, securing their future with the next generation of it’s parishioners.

United as a parish, this community of 200 families continues to grow and become a shining example of Greek Orthodoxy.