Philadelphia, PA – Get your blue and white on and smoke up your tires. Then cruise down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in honor of Greek Independence Day 2016. Here’s the perfect opportunity for motorcycle lovers to unite on a day of Greek pride.

Hellene Stefanos Evangelopoulos and a group of riders will join up, under a sea of blue and white flags, and sail down the famed parkway, closing out the parade with a roar. Evangelopoulos is organizing and has extended an open invitation to any and all bikers that would like to join this group to commemorate the liberation of Greece from under the Ottoman yoke. Greek Independence Day is traditionally celebrated on March 25th in Greece. Here in Philadelphia the annual parade has been moved this year to April 17th.

They motorcycle group will bring up the rear and close out the parade, saving the best for last. They will be part of the annual parade that features more than 50 different organizations, churches and clubs from across the Delaware Valley. The event is being organized by the Federation of Hellenic-American Societies of Philadelphia and Greater Delaware Valley.

For more information about the parade, visit the Federation of Hellenic-American Societies website or their facebook page. To participate with the motorcycle group, see details below.

Stefanos Evangelopoulos, 856-520-3444