This last Friday at a hotel in Long Island City, New York, the President of Panathinaikos FC Giannis Alafouzos along with Brazilian soccer legend Gilberto Silva unveiled the plans to Greek American fans to rebuild Leoforos stadium.

Initially, the plan was to build a brand new stadium on the outskirts of Athens (Votanikos area), and British architects were driven there to see the area. Then according to Alafouzos, they turned to the old, decaying Leoforos where the engineers said “forget the new venue this place has history, a soul, this is where Panathinaikos belongs” and so the decision was made to rebuild the old stadium.

Mr. Alafouzos mentioned that after the Greek civil war (1946-1949) the stadium lights were donated by soccer fans of America and once again the Greeks of the diaspora are asked for their support.

The event was organized by PANATHA USA and its President Vlasis Anastasiou. Present was a delegation from PANATHA Philadelphia along with many supporters from surrounding states. Anyone interested in joining the group may call Costas Xinos at 484-919-4338.