Valley Forge, PA – “These are the seats we’ve had since we opened our new church”, said Father Peter Thornberg (St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church) as he stood pointing at the chair in front of him. The red velvet and steel framed chairs were used in the hall and the church since it officially opened at the Thyranixia in April of 2012.

“They are being replaced by white oak pews that were made in Amish country just up the road, a few miles away,” added Father Thornberg. “A private donor sprung for the pews back in spring of this year, and we ordered the pews to take delivery this fall.”

The new pews arrived a few days ago and are being assembled and anchored this week, just in time for their annual Fall Grecian Festival. It’s been a long time coming for this community that’s managed to complete much of their place of worship.

Since the inception and construction of their new church, different phases have brought them ever closer to completing what is arguably the most beautiful Byzantine Orthodox Church in the region. Inside and out, the attention to details following tradition has made this iconic church a point of interest.

The church is primarily known for its incredible iconography. Just last year, this time, Athenian painter Georgios Kordis, whose company has been painting the iconography at the church in stages, was back in town. He was adding the latest phase of iconography to the back of their church walls.

Now with the addition of the pews, the church will have a traditional appearance from the ground up, and that will bring them another step closer to completing their dream.