Upper Darby, PA – St. Demetrios Greek school opened its doors last week with a traditional Agiasmos and assembly for parents and teachers. Parents were introduced to new changes that were being made this year in the areas of technology and curriculum.

“A new, active and young school board has been working hard since last winter to prepare this new curriculum,” said Father Gilbert. New classrooms, updated technology and learning programs synchronized from Greece are all part of the changes taking place. Interactive learning via the new school website will play a key role and launch St. Demetrios into the future, as a leader in Greek school learning around the Delaware Valley.

Along with new classrooms built this summer, an emerging Greek Preschool was the latest addition to classes. “We created this because you don’t get as much Greek these days at home,” said Pascalis Doulias, the St. Demetrios Greek school director.

This new program will likely give students at St. Demetrios a headstart towards preserving and advancing in the Greek language. “Our whole intent is to make it as interactive and a fun learning experience,” said newly elected School Board President, Ted Kardon.

To find out more about the new St. Demetrios Greek school advancements in education, visit its website.