Hamilton, NJThe Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George celebrated its 100th Anniversary this past Saturday. The Pre-Lenten Dinner and Dance (Apokriatiko Glendi) honored some notable community members who have shared their time talents and helped write the parish’s history.

One of those historic members was Mr. George Ververides, former President of the Parish Council and the Building Committee that relocated the former Trenton parish and built Hamilton’s Church and Community Center. George served for 50 years as Youth Director of the Metropolis and has taught Religious Education to three generations and is still doing so.

Mr. James Knicos, former President of the Parish Council and one of the longest-serving Parish Council Members who served on the Building Committee, was also recognized. Knicos, a pilar of AHEPA Trenton Chapter 72, is a long-serving secretary. He is the community’s most prominent and revered elder and has helped mold many young men to leadership roles.

Drs. Spiros and Emily Spireas were also recognized during the Anniversary. Spiros is a former President and, together with his wife Emily, served as Co-Chairs at the church’s consecration, which was a huge success. They have both worked to promote Greek Culture serving as Chairs of the Greek School and have spearheaded the preschool where Emily has worked tirelessly to keep the school running smoothly and profitably. Their generosity of time, talent, and treasure were paramount to its success.