Philadelphia, PA – On Sunday evening, the Pan-Macedonian Society of Philadelphia held their annual dinner and elections in Philadelphia. The 68-year-old society agenda included, a dance, their annual Memorial Day Picnic, another very anticipated Bouzoukia Night and a Holiday Bid & Buy in the fall. The evening was highlighted when Dena Verikakis was recognized for her many years as Amalia’s President.

The society has three chapters including the gentlemen of Pavlos Melas, the ladies of Amalia and the Youth of Alexander the Great. Elections were held, and the following were voted as this year’s officers:

Pavlos Melas President Lee Christoforidis, Vice President Phil Voutsakis, Amalia President Kiki Karamitopoulos Felfelis, Vice President Athena Riga Valavanis, Combined Board: Treasurer Kosmas Yiantsos, Recording Secretary Arhodia Karamitopoulos Yiantsos, Corresponding Secretary Cheri Christakis, Youth of Alexander the Great President Yianna Yiantsos, Vice President Nektarios Kapetanakos, Treasurer Christos Yiantsos, Recording Secretary Vasiliki Dinoulis, Corresponding Secretary Angelina Maroulis.