The annual elections dinner of the Pan-Macedonian Association of Philadelphia is an event which always attracts a crowd. Held each January, the event draws members of the Association from all generations and allows the members of the organization to democratically choose their leadership for the year. The Pan-Macedonian Association of Philadelphia is made of three sub-organizations which have their own separate boards and elected members; Pavlos Melas Men’s Chapter, Amalia Women’s Chapter, and Alexander the Great Youth Chapter.

This year’s elections dinner was held on January 31, 2016, at Estia Restaurant in Center City Philadelphia, and drew a crowd of about 75 current and new members. Attendance was higher than what was expected, requiring the waiting staff to squeeze additional tables into the already packed banquet room.

The night commenced with a cocktail hour as members filed in. This was followed by an opening prayer and vasilopita cutting at each table. Dinner was then served and was quickly followed by reports given by each sub-chapter 2015 president. Past Supreme President of the Pan-Macedonian Association of the USA, Pete Mitoulis, was appointed to chair the elections for the meeting. In keeping with tradition, the Youth of Alexander the Great held their elections in a separate room. A hotly contested election resulting in the appointing of the following members to the executive board; Ioanna Yiantsos (President), Christos Voutsakis (Vice President), Matthew Christofidis (Treasurer), Christos Yiantsos (Recording Secretary), and Maria Kotopoulos (Corresponding Secretary).

The Pavlos Melas Chapter saw Lee Christoforidis elected as President, following two years of serving as the Corresponding Secretary for the Pavlos Melas board and many years of service on the Youth of Alexander the Great board (including two years as President).

Other executive board members include three former youth chapter leaders; Philip Voutsakis (Vice President), Kosmas Yiantsos (Treasurer) and Costas Mitoulis (Recording Secretary). Dena Verikakis, last years’ president for the Amalia Chapter, was re-elected to serve another term.

Under Dena’s leadership, there has been a resurgence in the activity of the Amalia chapter, particularly in the creation of their hallmark event – the Bid and Buy Cancer Philanthropy Fundraiser.

The balance of the elected board members of the Women’s Chapter includes three additional former Youth Chapter leaders; Kiki Felfelis (Vice President), Dia Yiantsos (Treasurer), and Agnoula Marcantonis (Corresponding Secretary).

Following elections, pictures of the new board were taken and the meeting was concluded. With savvy, passionate, and excited leadership at the helm, 2016 is looking bright for the Pan-Macedonian Association of Philadelphia.