Sixers 85 vs. Warriors 74

It’s been about 5 games. 5 games since we’ve seen Tony Grammenos play the way he played tonight. A playoff record was set by Tony with 8 three pointers, 7 of which came in the first half! Grammenos scored 23 points in the first half, 3 shy of that playoff record. It just felt like he couldn’t miss if he tried. Grammenos finished with 34 points and reminds us he’s still there and he’s still an offensive machine. Jim Armenakis had a monster game of his own with 29 points. The Warriors just had no answer for him in the paint. Armenakis did a great job altering shots and rebounding, as did Big George Pagiotas in his return. George looked light on his feet and made his presence felt immediately. The Sixers led for the whole game, at times the lead reached 21 points and late in the game the Sixers weathered a big run by the Warriors which cut the lead to 7. A big part of holding off and pulling away from the defending champs was the X Factor, Jim Voutsinas. Jim had 12 points, he rebounds, plays great defense and even handles the ball when needed. The Revolution await the Sixers next Thursday at 8:45. This game will be a classic. Mark my words.

There will be no repeat. The Warriors struggled tonight with the size of the Sixers. Driving to the basket and rebounding is the Warriors’ strength but that becomes difficult when your going up against 6’5 and 6’9 giants protecting the paint. This is one reason George Vlahos(23pts) didn’t have a great game. Vlahos played well of course, but not great, not enough to carry his team to victory as he so often does. Aris Haritonidis is a second half player, who usually comes alive when it’s crunch time, as he did in the Finals last year. Tonight was no different, Aris scored 19 total, 16 in the second half and he sparked the run that made it a ball game. The only thing I would of done differently if I was on the Warriors, is play a little bit more around the perimeter. Nick Karalis shot very well from 3 point land, he made 4 3’s for 12 points and only missed 2 or 3. I would have liked to see him and Will Galiatsatos get some more outside shots. Good luck to the Warriors in the offseason with any changes they make. Whether they make changes or not, this team is good enough to win.

Game ball goes to Tony Grammenos

Spurs 61 vs. Arseniko 45

Anybody surprised? I must say I am slightly surprised. And impressed. Especially with Zeke Economides who led the Spurs in scoring with 19 points. This may be the first time all season Zeke led his team in scoring but it came at a great time. Zeke is one of those X Factor players just like Jim Voutsinas. He rebounds, scores, and even goes 7-9 from the free throw line. Niko Pappas(13pts) is a big boy, and he makes a big difference. Pappas came up with some crucial offensive rebounds, timely blocks and most of all he alters shots like nobody but Big George can do. I’m sure the Spurs are thrilled to have him back and what better time then now. Vas Rousseas(12pts) was a huge factor in the game, not for his scoring, but his point guard play and decision making. Vas showed leadership tonight and continues to be successful in the playoffs. Ball handling and passing was his strength tonight, and needs to be next week as well as the Spurs go to battle with the Kings. A game which features x-teammates going to battle against one another.

Arseniko was supposed to win this game, in the eyes of many people I spoke with tonight. Not only were they a favorite in Mr. Vegas’ Lines, they were a favorite by most people in the league. Unfortunately for Arseniko, tonight was just one of those nights. The shots wouldn’t fall and Arseniko had trouble in the paint against Zeke and Niko Pappas. Stef Grigorakakis led his team in scoring with 16 points. Stef scored 10 points in the 2nd half and nobody else on Arseniko scored more than 4. Grigorakakis could have been more aggressive in this game though, I think that could have made a difference. Lou Karapanagiotides was the only other player in double digits for Arseniko with 14 points. But the overall shooting percentage was low for these guys. Like I said, it was just one of those nights. Good luck to Arseniko in the offseason and with any changes they make.

Game ball goes to Zeke Economides