Revolution 63 vs. Sixers 41

Pete Kada had a great game last night and seemed to be all over the court. His 25 points led the Rev to victory and back to .500 on the season, somewhere they should always be above. Kada did it with some fast breaks and a few 3 pointers, just like Kosta Pavlidis. Kosta scored 14 points, making 4 three pointers from beyond NBA range! Evan Ginis and Niko Nasis combined for 18 points in the paint which capped off a really good team effort and a solid win for the Rev. On to Rip City, which could be a first round playoff date.

What a tough season for the Sixers! Already playing with a depleted roster, Chris Vasiliou has a fracture in his ankle and will likely miss the remainder of the season. Tough spot for the former champs but they need to keep working hard and improve by playoffs in hopes of a 1st round upset. Eddie Bekas led the way last night with 22 points. Bekas shot well from outside the arc in the second half, hitting 4 threes en route to 18 second half points. George Pagiotas was effective in the paint and from mid range in the first half scoring 8 points and John Vasiliou contributed with 7. Next game will not get easier against my 1st ranked Kings on Thursday.

Game ball: Pete Kada

Danny’s Boys 63 vs. Wolfpack 55

Defense wins championships and nobody in the PGBL plays defense like Danny’s Boys. These guys are stifling and relentless, frustrating their opponents with their physical play. Offensively, Kosta Nikolos has been a long range threat for years and nothing has changed. Kosta (17pts) hit 5 threes last night and has hit over 10 in the last 2 games. You can not leave him open, no matter how far away from the basket he is. Last night Tommy Poulos provided a spark that would ignite DB. Tommy scored 13 points but it wasn’t how many, it was how he scored them..spinning to the basket, shooting floaters in the paint and even drilling a 3 pointer, Poulos was a stand out star last night. But no star stood out like Pete Kathopoulis who started out slow but woke up in the second half just as he’s been doing regularly. Kathopoulis scored 16 of his 21 late in the second half to carry Danny’s Boys to a win. When things were looking bad with a few minutes left, trailing by 5, Pete took over and gave DB the win. He’s now back in my MVP discussion.

This game could have gone either way, unfortunately some missed free throws and blown layups for the Pack resulted in their 2nd loss of the season. Offensively George Vlahos led the scoring with 17 points but only 4 made field goals. I think this was a result of a combination of things, including DB’s defense and the lack of spacing by the Wolfpack. The court looked way too cluttered at times, leaving Vlahos no room to operate like his normal self. Chris Voutsakis took advantage of some mismatches and scored 11 paint points. Chris scored most of his points in the second half as did Lou Karapanagiotides, who also scored 11 points. Lou was in a point guard battle with Kathopoulis all night and would of gotten the upper hand if he was able to convert on some easy mid range shots, but sometimes the ball doesn’t roll your way. Like I said before, this game could’ve gone either way so it will be exciting to see if these 2 teams will meet again in the playoffs…maybe another finals rematch!

Game ball: Pete Kathopoulis