Upper Darby, PA – After a slow start at the evening’s opener, Danny’s Boys kicked it into 2nd gear and nipped the Warriors in a tough match. The Warriors came out fighting the 1st place Boys, who had a few key players missing from the evening, but Pete Kathopoulos nailed 20 of 21 free throws, and led his team to another victory.

In game two, the Spartans met up with a hungry Pas Giannina who were looking for their first victory still. Pas Giannina put on a solid performance, especially on the boards where they matched up well with the Spartans. But the strength of the Spartans inside and their control of rebounds on the defensive end gave them the victory.

The Revolution continued on their path with a solid victory against team Ellas in the third game. Team Ellas gave away too many inside opportunities on the boards and breakaway opportunities that converted in to easy buckets for the Revolution. The Rev’s continued to hold onto 2nd place in the league with just two loses.