Upper Darby, PA – The Kings have held the crown of PGBL champs for two years in a row and have made more championship appearances than any other team in the league’s history. But last night, against the Warriors in the league quarterfinal playoffs, they ran out of steam and lost to a hungry a young team.

Back and forth they went, exchanging leads throughout the evening. Momentum swings and scoring bursts outside the perimeter were the story here. Two high powered offenses matched up and gave guests a great game to watch.

The Kings and Warriors came in holding exact same records, and only one of them would advance. Bill Zonios and Chris Kourelias, two of the senior leaders of the Kings, kept them in the game. Kourelias scored 41 of his team’s total points, but it would not be enough. Youth one out the day.

The younger team, the Warriors, were nearly unstoppable outside the perimeter, scoring thirteen three-pointers and had five of their players scoring in double figures. They kept the offensive pressure on all night long. Niko Papatsiaras was key in the victory. He struck gold where ever he shot from and when it mattered most. Their fast past offense and target shooting gave them the victory.

Final score: Warriors 95, Kings 85.

Evan Tsiklidis, the league’s leading scorer, led PAS Giannina over the Revolution at the evening quarterfinal opener yesterday. The Revs, one of the oldest teams in the league was having a rough year, finishing in 6th place. They were never able to find their rhythm last night. By half time they were down 11 points.

When they came back from the break, they seemed to fall even flatter. PAS Giannina kept the pressure on all night and continued to work the ball inside where they caught the Revs flat.

As the game continued, the Revs appeared to give up. Their outside shooting never connected. It ended up being the dagger that killed them and dropped them further and further back.

PAS Giannina, last years runners up at the championship game, looked solid and balanced. If they can continue to attack and play together, they will have a legitimate shot at the championship.

Final Score: PAS Giannina 61, Revolution 45.