Upper Darby, PA – A lone Spartan, Laz Karasavas, came to play last night against the Sixers. It was the final round of regular season play for the Philadelphia Greek Basketball league. Unfortunately, the rest of his team chickened out. Yes. I said it. I never thought I would about Greeks, but there it is.

We get it. A team can’t make the game one week, we surely understand – work, kids, job. We know it happens. But week after week this season, the Spartans were absent. I think they set a record for team most likely not to show. And ending the season by not appearing for the last game of the year looks bad and leaves a “fowl” taste. Pun intended.

League officials, have commented, that after the season a review will take place, and obviously some changes will be made for next year.

Spartan stand out and arguable the team leader – Laz Karasavas did however come to play, and play he did. As he led a rainbow of players from other teams that were present in a fantastic scrimmage. “ I come out for an evening of basketball and comradery with fellow Hellenes”, said Karasavas. “The PGBL is about being with and supporting my Greek community. When we sign up, we have a responsibility to team and all the other players to try and show up”, added Karasavas.

The Sixers matched up with the “rainbow” of players as one referee described it was like watching an all star game of Greeks. Of course that will take place in a few weeks before the championship. Players from the Wolfpack, the Warriors, Ellas and even a Sixer switched to make it a great game. Everyone was on and it looked like a lot of fun in this high scoring game.

The Sixers beat the Rainbow squad of Greeks, plus one Spartan by a score of 79-73. But more importantly, the game went on. The crowd was treated to an evening of great basketball, Spanakopita and fun. That’s why the motto lives on in our hearts and minds, “We love Thursday Nights at the PGBL”.

Last Night’s Wrap

Kings 99, Hellas 69
Sixers 1, Spartans 0
Wolfpack 79, PAS Giannina 64