Upper Darby, PA – St. Demetrios’ gym heated up on Sunday night, where three playoff games were battled. The evening was highlighted by a 41 point scoring performance by Pete Kathopoulis in game two, that saw Danny’s Boys dominate the Revolution.

The Rev’s came out swinging, by sticking their shots outside the perimeter. They quickly jumped to a 12-3 lead, and for the first 7 minutes of the game, it actually appeared that the highlight game that featured the #3 and #6 ranked teams was going to be a great game- and It was. It was filled with a lot of passion, from both sides, but Danny’s Boys went through a metamorphosis of sorts, returning to their previous championship selves. They quickly settled the Rev’s on defense, and then took control of the game. By halftime the score was 31- 23 in favor of the Boys. Danny’s Boys picked up where they left off at the beginning of the second half, as Pete Kathopoulis turned red hot. sticking three point shots from all over the court. Alexis Topalides and Nick Kafkalas added to the tempo and domination at both ends of the court as Danny’s Boys looked like a championship team that had finally arrived. Final score: Danny’s Boys 74 vs. Revolution 56.

Game three of the playoffs between Pas Giannina (#8 seed) and the Kings (#2 seed) featured a lot of scoring and minimum defense on both sides. It might have been a record evening for scoring as one team broke a hundred. We got to see what kind of physical and mental condition the Kings are in. They are after all, last years runners up and serious contenders. From tip off, the Kings dominated Pas Giannina, who gave us a solid offensive performance. Overall, the Kings played a very balanced game, dominating at both ends and spreading out the scoring. Bill Zonios, though, appeared to be playing a more secondary role and his shot missed the mark when taken. This is a very well balanced team with players that can play front and backcourt positions. They took home an easy victory against Pas Giannina. But for this team to make it through the next round, their leader, Bill Zonios is going to have to score and get them in the groove. Kings 105 vs. PAS Giannina 72.

The evening opener, the black and white matchup, featured those young bad boys, the Warriors and the white haired, white shirted Sixers. These are two teams I love to watch who are practically related. The two are so close, they shared the same record at the end of the season and were seeded one spot apart. On this day, age ruled but it wasn’t easy.

There were so many factors about this team I saw tonight, that made me think, maybe these guys could do it one more time. First, they had great ball movement and control, especially now with the youngster, George Armantani coming on board. He is a scrappy youthful, and a great defensive player the Sixers needed. Add in big George Paigotas and Jim Armenaki, and the Sixers look even more dominating because one works the baseline the other the perimeter. Then there is the Tony Spirocostas who can drop a bunch of three pointers, like he did on this night against the Warriors. And then, there is Chris Vasiliou, who always gives a solid performance. If his shot is sticking, lights out for the other guys. As for the Warriors, they showed much promise and improvement over the year. Last night they made the Sixers earn it, by rattling them early on. Fast paced and scrappy, they still lay claim to, “We can beat anyone at anytime”. For now, they will have to wait for next year to see if they can contend. Final score: Sixers 69 vs. Warriors 47.