The third week of the PGBL tipped off with an intriguing matchup in which the Spurs were in much need of their first win of the season to turn things around and stay in the hunt for a high playoff seed.

The Sixers, on the other hand, won their first two games of the season handily and looked to continue their dominance. Spurs rookie center Niko Pappas was the difference maker in this game. He did everything you could ask from a big man with great defense and rebounding along with scoring 27 points which even included a few shots from the perimeter. His play opened up shots for Vasili Rousseas and Kosta Nikolos who each hit multiple three-pointers to help pull away in the second half and defeat the Sixers 52-44. This was a tough game for the Sixers who couldn’t find their rhythm. Jim Armenakis and Tony Grammenos only combined for 26 points compared to 50 which they turned in against the Grizzlies and Warriors. The Sixers have a chance to turn it around quickly in facing the Kings this Sunday night while the Spurs next play on November 1st against the Mavericks.

In the second matchup, the Revolution squared off against Arseniko. The Revolution are displaying excellent team chemistry early in the season as the new additions are fitting in perfectly. They have won their first three games by a combined 71 points! Great performances by Vasilis Nasis who scored 19 points and was a force around the basket and Pete Kada who added 16 points with a few outside shots and penetration to the basket helping the Revolution upend Arseniko 63-37. Arseniko has disappointed so far to start the season. They can’t get into any rhythm with a different starting lineup every game and last night they flat out quit against the Revolution. There is plenty of time to turn things around, but with lack of depth and inconsistency, it will be a big uphill climb. Someone needs to take charge and get these guys going because they are capable of a lot more than what they have shown so far. Their next game is on November 1st against the Grizzlies where as the Revolution play this Sunday against the Warriors.

In the third and final game of the night, the Warriors bounced back in a big way defeating the Mavericks 78-59 and showing the true heart of a champion. The ball movement was impeccable; Will Galiatsatos was a beast doing anything he wanted on the court leading all scorers with 29 points. Nick Karalis added five 3-pointers, finishing with 19 points, taking advantage of the zone defense the Mavericks played. It was a great performance as the Warriors now have a big matchup with the Revolution Sunday night. The Mavericks are now 0-3, and there doesn’t seem to be light at the end of the tunnel for this group. If I could describe their play, they are “going through the motions” and nothing more. They have the talent to compete with many teams in this league, but they need to pick up the intensity and play with some passion. Eddie Bekas is the only one who gives everything on the court; he needs to get the rest of the bunch to play harder or else they will the observers come playoff time. The Mavericks next game is on November 1st against the Spurs.

In two weeks Cosmos Philly will be at St. Demetrios’ covering the following games:

Mavericks vs. Spurs @ 7 PM
Kings vs. Terps @ 8 PM
Arseniko vs. Grizzlies @ 9 PM

Written by Fotis Giannopoulos