Upper Darby, PA – The Wolfpack and Kings met up last night in a matchup of last year’s champs and runners up. The Pack climbed back up in the standings with their decisive win over the injured Kings. The victory lifted them in the standings to second place, below Danny’s boys. While the Kings fell to 4-4, their worst start in years.

Wolfpack 68, Kings 63

Even with all their wounded warriors out last night, the Kings deserve an applause. The injuries have definitely hurt this team that appears to be struggling. But I know this team will make a run for it late in the year. They still have a solid core of players and their second wind. As for the Pack, the entire team came out and contributed. Three of their eight-man squad last night scored in double digits and their quick ball movement made sure they kept the Kings on the ropes. George Vlahos emerged with 22 points to lead his team. The Pack move back up in the standings with this W to 6-2.

Lakers 52, Hellas 47

It was back and forth throughout the game between these two teams. The Lakers are still trying to gel as a team. They’ve never practiced together but have an abundance of young, raw talent. Especially in Jimmy Armentani who drove to the basket more often than I could count. Armentani’s foul shots were key late in the game and gave them the victory. Armentani led all scores with 25 points and was 5 of 6 from the line.